LAC Avionics Services
  • Experienced crew of licensed mechanics and technicians
  • No ramp or parking fees from Atlantic San Jose for L.A.C. Avionics customers. All types of aircraft welcome.
  • We have RVSM capable Pitot Static testing equipment and adapters to test Gulfstream up to G5 and most other bizjets and prop aircraft.
  • We have TCAS 1 and 2 and mode S testing equipment.
  • Dealer for Aspen Avionics, Garmin, ICG Iridium, Collins, King, Bendix, Honeywell, Magnastar, Avidyne and others.
  • FAA class all Instrument , RADAR and Radio.
  • Detailed experience with autopilot and flight director systems.
  • All class aircraft maintenance and interior available on site.
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Located at Atlantic San Jose
1250 Aviation Ave. #110 San Jose, California 95110 - Tel: 408-295-4144 - Email: